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At no charge, we will review your patent portfolio (patents and applications pending, including office actions). We will look not just at the patents, but at matters such as the extent of existing infringement (if any), the extent of potential licensees, the size of the markets to which your patents are applicable.

If we believe it is likely to have a minimum 7-figure market value, we will at no charge conduct our own due diligence and ask you a number of questions regarding the history of invention and prosecution; regarding ownership and assignments; and regarding attorneys you have used and presently retain.

If we believe we can help you maximize the price of your portfolio and close the portfolio’s sale, we will make a formal proposal to you. Our agreements require: (a) exclusive right to represent your portfolio for a given period of time; (b) a non-refundable retainer to cover our work during the entire process; (c) an agreement to pay any approved expenses; (d) a fee contingent on the successful sale of the portfolio.

Once we have a signed agreement, all we require from you is your availability to answer or respond to questions as they arise. At advanced stages of investigation on the part of a buyer, they will often wish to speak to the inventor. In those cases where litigation is the likely outcome, they will require speaking to the inventor to assess his or her ability to professionally handle depositions and trial testimony.

We will package and position your portfolio. We will create the deck and any other materials required and present them to qualified buyers.

We always keep you apprised of significant developments and we will always have you review our key presentations for technical accuracy.

As noted above, patent sales take time. While we are ourselves very aggressive, we ask in advance for your patience in order to ensure we have obtained maximum market value.