Maximum Patent Monetization


Maximum Patent Monetization

Photo of USPTO (Alexandria, Virginia) courtesy of Kazuhisa OTSUBO:

Knowledge Is Money.

Anyone can try to sell a patent. Fact is that every patent owner can directly contact all the major patent buyers without our or anyone else's help. What they can't do is make the best case for why their patent is one of the highly valuable 3-percenters -- because 97% of all patents have minimal to no value.   They also don't have the experience or the relationships to negotiate a fair and optimal deal.

If we accept your portfolio, we have the access, the relationships and the knowledge to build and make that case for you. Then we negotiate to get you maximum value. In fact, we've substantially improved "final" offers brought to us.  We're also indefatigable. No one will work more diligently or smarter to find precisely the right buyer, whether they're an NPE (non-practicing entity) or a corporation.

Our knowledge, our relationships, and our experience with even the most difficult Portfolios translates into the best deal for you.

Personal Relationships

No bulk emails, ever. Targeted personal communications to the top patent purchasing executives in your industry.

Value-Based Positioning

We identify and focus on the patent claims that have the most value to buyers.

Expert Negotiation

Veterans of thousands of complex, difficult negotiations, we get you the best price for your Portfolio and help you deal with the tough obstacles common to patent sales.